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Joseph Smith was the first later day prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.  His faith in the Lord and his testimony of the true and everlasting gospel, from the age of fourteen until his martyr in 1844 caused him and everyone he loved to be persecuted.  If it were not for the sacrifices that Joseph Smith made, the torment he endured and the pure love of Christ, millions of people in the world would not have the testimonies that we have today.

In Palmyra, New York, in 1820, Joseph Smith had the first of a series of visions through which he learned that the church had been taken from the Earth and that he had been given a divine commission to restore it.  After much criticism, he then translated the Book of Mormon.  In 1831 he established his congregation at Kirtland Ohio, with less than thirty members.  Joseph Smith lost many of his children and many love-ones.

Everywhere the Saints settled, the mobs would burn their homes and killed many members.  Joseph was tarred and feathered on numerous occasions by angry mobs. The mobs pushed the Saints out west.  The Saints settled later in Commerce, Illinois, which they renamed Nauvoo.  Nauvoo later became the most populated city in Illinois.  Joseph and his follows found refuge here.  The Saints were able to grow spiritually in Nauvoo.  The pure love of Christ kept Joseph pushing forward.  He new the plan that God had set for him and he was going to accomplish it, know matter what it took. 

The mobs had subsided until 1844.  When angry mobs came into Joseph’s home and took him, his brother Hyrum and John Taylor (a leader in the church) to Carthage Jail.  Carthage Jail was in the home of the Judge.  Knowing that Joseph was innocent, the Judge let them stay in the upstairs bedroom.  Not long after they were given this privilege, the angry mobs came running down the street.  In fear, Joseph and Hyrum fled to hold the door shut.  Hyrum, pushing with all his might, was shot in the eye and died instantly.  John was over at the window and was shot in the pocket watch.  Joseph then ran to his side and hid him under the bed, which saved his life.  (He later became prophet)  Joseph, standing in front of the window, was shot numerous times falling out into the street; he too died. 

Though Joseph Smith lost many children and endured much pain, he kept going.  His sacrifices are forever etched in many memories.  All because of the faith and selflessness of one man, there are over ten million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of later Day Saints today, and the numbers are rapidly growing.         




Sarah Taylor

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