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CIS 261N Test

1.      What does the ls a command do?
a. list files showing all attributes b. list all files
c. view the contents of all files d. list files in alphabetical order

2.      What does the ls l command do?
a. list files in long format b. list files showing last file first
c. view only the last few lines of a file d. learn the list

3.      The switch to force color fro the ls command is _____________.
a. c b. - -c
c. color d. - - color

4.      Unix considers everything as ________.
a. important b. part of the OS
c. files d. OLE

5.      Use the _____ command to copy files.
a. copy b. cp
c. cut d. paste

6.      What is the equivalent chmod option to 777?
a. u +rwx b. g +rwx
c. ugo +rwx d. 167

7.      What is the command line entry to make a file executable to everyone?
a. filename 777 b. filename ugo +x
c. filename ugo +rwx d. filename u +x

8.      What is the default RedHat Linux shell?
a. korn b. bash
c. sea d.

9.      This file is run every time the default shell is ran or a shell script runs.
a. bashrc b. autoexec.bat
c. noclobber d. .bashrc

10.  This command removes an empty directory.
a. rd b. rm
c. rmdir d. deldir

11.  This command and switch can be used to remove non-empty directories.
a. rmdir R b. rm r
b. rd r d. deldir -s

12.  What is the default mode for the vi editor?
a. text b. insert
c. command d. novice

13.  In the vi editor how do you switch to insert mode?
a. alt F2 c. escape key
c. i d. click insert

14.  Which wildcard represents any number of characters?
a. ? b. *
c. [1-6] d. the one eyed jack

15.  Which wildcard represents any one character?
a. ? b. *
c. [1-6] d. the one eyed jack

16.  The .. represents the _____________ directory in relative path listings.
a. common b. current
c. parent d. child

17.  The . represents the _____________ directory in relative path listings.
a. common b. current
c. parent d. child

18.  Which command creates an empty file, (zero length)
a. > filename b. touch filename
c. cat > filename d. all could be used to create a zero length file.

19.  In the following permissions listing the group has what permissions?
a. read, write, execute b. execute
c. read, write d. read, execute

20.  How do you close an if statement in Unix?
a. end if b. fi
c. end sub d. if statements need not be closed.

21.  What command lists all files mounted to the root [/] directory?
a. vdir b. ls r
c. ls R d. ls l

22.  What sysetem created user is all powerful and has all permissions?
a. admin b. supervisor
c. superuser d. root

23.  To create a alias for the clear command named c _______________.
a. alias clear=c b. alias clear=c
c. c = clear d. alias c=clear

24.  What command do you use to create a shell script from the command line?
a. cp b. edit
c. copy con d. cat

25.  Unix is a _____________ operating system.
a. multi-tasking b. multi-user
c. multi-processing d. all of the above

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